New Year Too Late

After promising to myself that I would push myself to blog more, create content and give Youtube a go, I now sit here and look at my blog and see that my last post was last year.

How terrible of me! I can’t really explain what happened but that is no excuse. I will try and be better and blog more at least to start with. I think I will leave Youtube for now and I can’t see my place in the vast depths of Youtube yet. I don’t think I am charismatic enough.

Anyway, enough of that. I would like to welcome you to the new year, slightly late… I have upped my fitness regime and running regime and I would like to share that with you going forward. More so to keep myself motivated going forward, I try and do some form of exercise everyday apart from Friday’s. Which is eat as much as I can day. I do feel better for it but as I have discussed on this blog before, my self-confidence is still at a all-time low.

So to round this off, look out for fitness posts, more beauty posts and a potential post about my amazing hair cut!

See you soon.


Life Goals - Ravello Italy

I am very lucky, my wonderful grandparents have just both turned 70 and to celebrate they treated the family to a wonderful holiday in Ravello, Italy.

It was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been, honestly it was stunning. We had an amazing week and the whole time it was literal #lifegoals

We stayed in the Belmond Caruso who couldn't do enough for us. The rooms was spacious and so Italian and not fancy, just lovely. The hotel had a garden with an infinity pool which was lightly heated so you could float around, look out at the mountains and drink cocktails. Perfect!

On one of the days we planned to go to the Island of Capri. It takes an hour on a boat to get there which was exciting anyway, the scenery along the Amalfi Coast is stunning. 
Capri is a lot larger than you think and really really lovely! There were a lot of upmarket shops and restaurants and it was very busy, as you may expect. 
One of the best things was the Capri one person chair lift up the mountain which was so surreal! At the top, as our family love drinking, we all had a shot of Limoncello to help us back down again. 

Pompei & Herculaneum
We also spent the day with a personal tour guide exploring Pompei and Herculaneum. Now everyone knows Pompei but honestly it's so interesting and you do really need a guide to actually understand what it around you. 
Herculaneum is around 20 minutes away and is a lot smaller and quieter but it has almost whole houses and shops still standing. It's quite spooky as there is are skeletons still in the place they died whilst trying to escape the Volcano! 

Overall the holiday was so lovely and I wish i was back there again!


Less than 48 Hours in Dublin

It's nice to have traditions. It's even nicer to have traditions at work that are fun and enjoyable so you don't end up resenting work and everyone there. We go away as a work team every year to somewhere new and exciting to bond, drink, eat and generally get merry.
This year we headed to Dublin which was wonderful. It's so easy to get there, we jumped on the plane around 11:30 and landed at 12:40 and ended up at our hotel by 1:15 just in time for lunch and a drink.
Guinness for everyone except me, always gin with me.

Dublin itself is so beautiful, so traditional and is steeped in History. I will definitely revisit as I want to go to the museums, the ghost walks, visit The Titanic exhibition and shop!

We drank ourselves silly on the first night, cocktails, food, gin and wine until 3:30am in this amazing bar. I wish I could remember the name because it was great!
Day 2 had a very slow start but after a large breakfast we were off again to visit the Guinness Factory. I don't like any beer, lager, ale or a mix of all three so I was apprehensive but let me tell you, it was so interesting and very well done. The whole building was full of interesting information, pictures, media and waterfalls!

We had a ticket which included a free pint of Guinness which I did try, but it did not go down well on a hungover stomach. We had the pint at the top of the factory in the Infinity bar which is a 360 view of Dublin which was stunning.
I then felt very ropey and even more so when we trekked around the streets trying to find somewhere to eat. As work is full of blokes, we ended up in a horrible pub for a cheese toastie and I felt               A W F U L.
The girls then left the group and we went to look at Saint Patrick's Cathedral where I felt really zen and calm and much much better. Of course a wispa bar helped me along too.

Our trip was ending and we travelled back to the airport for a quick flight home and more chocolate!
It's so nice to spend time with the work lot outside of the office and it does help the office environment in the long run.

On the whole Dublin was fantastic and so beautiful. 10 / 10.


Let’s Chat - Stammer



verb: stammer; 3rd person present: stammers; past tense: stammered; past participle: stammered; gerund or present participle: stammering

1.    1.

speak with sudden involuntary pauses and a tendency to repeat the initial letters of words.

"he turned red and started stammering"

stutter, speak haltingly, stumble over one's words, hesitate, falter, fumble for words, pause, halt, mumble, splutter
"he always began to stammer when he was under pressure

I have a stammer. It pretty much rules my life and I am constantly aware of it, it debilitates me and causes me anxiety, stress and slight depression sometimes. It’s a nightmare but I can positively say it’s getting better, slowly but surely.

The basics of having a stammer is that I can’t speak fluently. It’s worse when I am tired, stressed or speaking on the phone. I can’t explain or tell when it will rear its ugly head. I can go days without stammering then suddenly I can’t say my own name.

I can say I would be a different person without a stammer, I think I would be outgoing, loud, annoying and happy, because of my stammer I am shy, quiet, nervous and sad.

However, in the past 2 years it has greatly improved, I completed my Masters Degree and I have been working in a very social career over these 2 years which has forced me to get on with it. Social drinks, lunches and dinners still cause me massive anxiety and I never want to go but I do and because of this, my stammer is okay. I can deal with it. It hides 90% of the time now and I am grateful.

Some people don’t even know I have a stammer, I never stammer with my boyfriend but do with my parents. It’s weird and unpredictable.

So many people have a stammer, an abundance of celebrities do including Emily Blunt, Marilyn Munroe, Rowan Atkinson, Bruce Willis and Samuel L Jackson which is crazy as they are all actors and actresses.

If you have a stammer then please don’t worry, it will get better! Leave me a comment if you have one so we don’t all feel alone.


Lets Chat – Running

So you may have seen my last blog post which was a slightly rambling talk on body image.

I mentioned that I have started to run which has 100% helped my mental health and how I view myself.

You may think, oh god running? Outside? In front of people? It may put the fear into some people but think about it, it’s free!!! You can go every day, technically any time for free! I know you need to buy kit and trainers and a running belt but once that’s out of the way you are good to go.

I first started around 2 years ago inspired by my wonderful mother who is a running extraordinaire.  She has done 10 half marathons and 2+ marathons and she is 44. Amazing! I started because of her and then I completely lost focus and inspiration and found every time I ran I felt worse and worse so I stopped.

Then, again inspired by mum, I started Metafit around 6 months ago. Metafit is a high intensity interval training workout which is from 19 – 26 minutes depending on the routine you do. I do it in a studio where I live with a lovely trainer and a group of wonderful ladies and I L O V E it. Combining this workout 3+ times a week with then wanting to do more (on a budget) I thought hang on, let’s try running again. I can honestly say because my fitness is up and better than before, running didn’t seem so scary. I want to share with you some thoughts and tips I have had to help someone start this scary journey of running and fitness!


Just D O I T.  

The more you think and um and ah about going out and running, the less likely you are to actually do it. Just grab your trainers and start to run


Use an app.

Couch to 5K is an excellent way of starting, it’s not something I have used but many people praise it. I use Map My Run, which is simple and I go by my own body. If I want to slow down walk, I will!


Raise your fitness separately to running.

As mentioned above, do something alongside running, like an exercise class or 30 minutes in the gym. This helps the cardio aspect and helps you run for longer and improve your pace.



Whilst some people love listening to music, I would rather listen to an engaging podcast to get me through a run. Favourites include My Dad Wrote a Porno, Running Commentary, Serial, Get It On and The Chris Moyles Podcast.


Have a goal.

As my mum is so amazing at running and fitness, when she signed up to do this Tunnel Run in November a while ago, I thought that it could be a good first foray into running in a race environment.

The tunnel run is a 5 mile run in the dark through a tunnel, you get a head torch and glow sticks to help you on your way. My goal has then been to be able to run 5 miles easily so when it came to do the event, I wasn’t scared out my brain!

I can now run 6 miles without dying, and the event is next week!


Lets Chat - Body Image

This is a topic that is discussed everywhere, in the media, on the news, online 24/7. It’s such a big issue for many young women around the world especially in 2016.  The pressure is on to look a certain way, to be acceptable in the “media’s” eyes.

I suffer from poor body image. I have a warped view of myself, not to say I look okay normally but I see myself as a troll/pig most days. I find it especially hard to get dressed in the morning and to find an outfit I can feel comfortable in. This often ends with me being close to tears. I know this sounds ridiculous but how I look and feel about myself is such a big part of my life, it may sound self-involved but its real. I know I am not fat, I can wear size 8 jeans (if they stretch) but on the down days, I feel about 1000 stone and ugly.

I am slowly pulling myself out of this weird warped view and if my skin is clear, I now won’t hesitate to go out with no makeup on and a hoodie to the supermarket or to my fitness class and it won’t bother me at all. However, some days, like yesterday I will have to pile on the makeup, wear shaping tights and my go to dress to feel like I can actually leave the house and go to work.

I can identify this feeling of total hatred of you and your appearance as a family trait. My mum and grandma both suffer and obsess about food, looks and how other people perceive them, these thoughts and perceptions have been passed on to me and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

I wish I could end this with a quick fix way of ignoring body image and feeling happy in your own skin but I can’t. I would say that exercising, I do Metafit and run 5+ times a week when I can, does help but I can say it does become a vicious circle of I have to run today otherwise I can’t eat normally which is very unhealthy.

Body Image plagues not just women, eating disorders in men are slowly becoming known in the news and media and it does help to talk about how you feel and what’s wrong, no matter how silly it may seem.


Morphe Palettes - In The Nude

I got these beautiful Morphe Palettes for my birthday a couple of weeks ago, and look at them! I am all heart eye emoji over this palettes, they are a great mix of matte and shimmer shades of nudes and pinks and they are ideal for blending and layering.

I have the 35 Colour Taupe Eye Shadow Palette (35T) £20.75 & the 12 Colour Natural Beauty Palette (12NB) £11.95 The colours are soft and easy to blend, and the collection of matte and metallic shades blur together beautifully for effortless eye-enhancement and you know, I just love them!!

I will do a look for these palettes so you can see what they look like on the eyelid, but let me tell you, they are great for day to day wear and then have a buildable quality for smokey eyes and evening looks.

Shoutout to Cult Beauty for the amazing delivery, I could buy everything from the website, it's just full of beauty gems.

 The photos are taken on my iphone so apologies for the quality and the wrinkled sheets, I am just keeping it real!!!!