Oh no not a Bikini


The dreaded word that no one wants to hear but everyone wants to be ready for.

I hate going shopping for bikini's. Having to try them on in a small changing room fills me with dread but yet again today I found myself in Asda looking for cheap bikini's for my holiday in 2 1\2 weeks. 

Lo and behold I found some pretty nice, well priced bikini's that look lovely and fit perfectly and I am actually excited about wearing them and prancing around in Portugal drinking sangria.

These are Asda's own and I am pretty impressed! What do you think of bikini's? Do they put the fear of dread in you?


Instagram Round Up

To kick off the first proper post I thought I would do an Instagram round up of the past couple of months. Since moving back home from London I have been madly busy which for me has been so nice.

I have been running up to three times a week ahead of my first ever girly holiday in June. Running for me has been pretty tough but I am working on my fitness and health level to get it too a reasonably good standard!

I took my little brother (who is now 11 and not so little ) to Twycross Zoo last week and we had such a great time. We had great weather, great monkeys and a not so great lunch and somehow Bertie managed to make me buy him a snake and a monkey from the gift shop.

As I am now working in Retail Agency, we have a huge annual conference every year called CR Market Place where all the big agencies and big retailers go and as I called it, speed dating with meetings. It was completely mad but it was in such a fabulous location across from The Shard in London and we had free Pimms and free Chipotle Burrito bowls!

Me and Dan went to Bills in Leicester, recently acquired by my company, and munched on a gorgeous brunch. I went for the healthy granola, yogurt and fruit option with a super green smoothie whilst Dan opted for a brioche bacon and egg sandwich which looks so good. I would definitely  recommend Bills and I am sure there is one in nearly every town now.

Over Easter we took our annual mad drunken family trip to Aberdovey and as usual it was lovely, Dan came with and it was nice to just chill out and drink and eat and be by the sea.

Flashback - Skiing


Flashback to a post I meant to post a while ago, clearly and have finally gotten round to posting it! The start of regular posting, I promise.

I hate New Year so I was so happy to be asked to go away this New Year with friends and family. We travelled to Morzine in the French Alps and I had the best week.

We stayed in the Hotel Tremplin which was right on the bottom of the slopes and had THE most yummy mojitos, in fact I wish I was drinking one right now. The hotel was cosy but basic and on the second to last night, the staff bathroom started to leak into our bathroom which was lovely...brown water everywhere.

On New Years Day we followed a guide and skied all the way to Switzerland which was gorgeous., we had lunch right at the top of the mountain and had the cheesiest ham and cheese toasted sandwich in the world. We stayed for 5 days which is long enough for a skiing holiday, especially when you are in a group of 10. Socialising gets pretty tiring after a while and eating and drinking more than normal every day, whilst a plus, can get too much. 
This was the first time I had been skiing in over 5 years since my ski season and it was the best way to spend New Years! 

The Return

I am sitting here on a Thursday afternoon debating whether to start blogging again. The last time I posted on my old blog was over a year ago and that was only to get a job. I dreamt last night about blogging and so here we are.

A fresh start for 2015.

I want to focus on healthy living, life of a retail surveyor, my love of makeup and fashion and traveling. So let's bring you up to speed, I spent a year working in fashion pr and social media down in London for a designer kids fashion company. It was okay, not what I was expecting and not engaging enough for my little brain.

Fast forward to 2015 and I am working for my dear step father in his retail property consultancy business and doing my real estate masters at Sheffield Uni. Big change, huh. I also live in my own house which is very grown up of me, I even had a real Christmas tree this year which was a huge step. I feel like I could incorpertate all aspects of my life into this blog and see where that goes.

Lets see shall we!

Signing off for now, Naomi

Celebrity Inspiration.

Celebrity children are always better dressed than you. 
 However they don't have to be better dressed than your child. Use influential celebrity children to gain idea's and inspiration, and what better well dressed celebrity child to channel than Harper Beckham.

Harper has a fashion following of her own, since London Fashion Week, where she sat front row, she has been named the most stylish baby and she isn't even three yet. According to the press, Harper is making her own fashion decisions and helping guide her fashion designer mummy through her wardrobe. 

Harper has been pictured recently in the cutest pair of Dr. Martens and since their last big social media campaign, every child should have a pair to last them. Luckily Base Fashion, a retailer of designer children's clothes, stock Dr. Martens, so the perfect place to pick some up for your little ones! 
You can channel Harper's style and choose some other beautiful pieces for your children, to allow your child to be comfortable but also the most stylish child at the school gate. This is just one of the trends she is wearing at the moment, so remember, if it doubt head to Base Fashion and channel Harper Beckham, your child will be forever stylish. 


OOTD #6 hips don't lie

 Top - Primark
Jeans - Asos
Shoes - Primark

Horrendous quality pictures so I apologise but here is what I am wearing today to revise in the sun.  These jeans make me look a bit hippy if you get what I mean but I love them because they are so comfy and a tiny bit high waisted.


Weekly Buy #3 Flower Power


After seeing many a blogger wearing printed trousers I naturally really wanted a pair. Luckily for me H&M had an offer on which made these only £7.49 which is a complete bargain. I couldn't get a full outfit post as I was in a rush this morning because I'm travelling back to Leicestershire for the week.
P.s I'm doing this post on my phone so it's not in the normal format!