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Long time no see everyone! I know this keeps happening and I keep jumping in and out of blogging so forgive me!

I thought I would share what I have been wearing the past year or so and have posted on Instagram. I have been trying to up my fashion game, however its tricky when you work full time, study and have a house to pay for. Lots of fur, trainers and ripped jeans...
Note the same pose on most of them, and note that it feels like it has been winter forever.


Last weekend I was lucky enough to go away for a long weekend in Praia De Luz in Portugal, I was also lucky as it was my birthday whilst I was away, we had a lovely weekend with a few spots of iffy weather and I still managed to burn my shoulders.

We stayed in my mum's friends villa, a five minute walk from the port. It was beautiful with a private pool and we were in luxury for a couple of days. We are even trying to make it a yearly thing now, just us 5 girls drinking in the sun!

The weekend consisted of many lunches and dinners with so much sangria and cocktails consumed and sunbathing dotted in between. On Sunday, my birthday, we walked 4 miles along a rugged coastline to a nearby village for a great breakfast and then back again, the walk was amazing and challenging but it made my birthday morning great!

We spent a couple of evenings eating out in Lagos, the town, and had some amazing meals and even managed to do some shopping.

I would recommend the Algarve in Portugal, where we stayed was so reasonable and a meal out for 5 with alcohol was around 100 euros.

I didn't manage to get very many photos but I thought I would share what I did get as it was a wonderful weekend and I am now sad to be back in the office, sunshine behind me.

I am not going to lie and say I am super healthy and fit and exercise every day because I don't. In my perfect world I would but right now I do what I can when I can and I thought I would share with you my little slice of health and fitness


I try to go for a 2-3 mile run three times a week, I find this helps with energy and mood and if you can go first thing, it sets you up for the day.

I have a cross trainer in my spare room so I typically use this of an evening and do around 20 minutes whilst watching my favourite tv show - it helps you forget the time and keeps you going!

I have the 7 minute work out app on my phone which is so great! It consists of 12 work out's in quick succession and it's perfect for days when you don't have time to do anything else.

As I am aiming for that bikini ready body for the summer, I do try and do 50 squats and 50 sit ups every night but because I am so busy with work and my Masters, this tends to fail but it is a routine I want to stick too!


I have a Breville blender which is ideal for on the go smoothies or drinks. I would typically add a handful of any frozen fruit and fresh fruit, either water or almond milk, a banana or fat free yogurt, dates or honey or ginger powder for that extra kick and if you are feeling super healthy stick some spinach or kale in there.

Any green juice is great for me as it makes me feel like I have had something good for me that day. When I popped into Holland & Barrett the other day I saw they had Bioglan Super Food Raw Green Juice which is packed with supergreens, all you do is mix with water and you have a ready made green juice! Perfect.

I recently ordered the Your Tea Tiny Tea detox which is something I have done twice before, you take one in the morning and one in the evening before your meal and it does help with bloating and I find it cleanses you. Another tea i use is the Detox Tea by Pukka, it tastes amazing!

I do try and eat relatively healthily but sometimes that cake or ice cream is just too appealing so I won't preach my diet to you! I have found that M&S do packets of vegetables to steam which are perfect for meals for one, pair this with some chicken and you have a quick healthy meal. The best replacement trick I have found is using rice noodles and quorn chicken, you wont really notice the difference and is great when you are craving that Chinese or tuna pasta dish.


Yesterday we had been invited to play Lazer quest for one of my boyfriends friend's birthdays ( yes I know I am 23 but Lazer Quest was awesome!) I actually really enjoyed it! It was really stressful and manic and our second game was with about 10000 people plus some littles kids who were like ninja's so I got shot a lot but still didn't come last, expert at Lazer Quest right here...

I wore my favourite Forever 21 camel biker jacket and old faithful black jeans from New Look paired with these gorgeous loafers from Sainsbury's along with my Michael Kors handbag which I love.

This is the first time I have 'posed' for pictures so I look a little bit awkward and we were down some weird alley in the middle of Leicester!


Yes I know the picture quality is crap, the lighting in the work toilets doesn't leave much to play with. I just felt like I had to document my shoes. You will come to find out that I have a shoe problem, I might do a shoe collection in the future.
Yes, they are the shoes that everyone is talking about, everyone is wearing and every shop is stocking and because I just wanted to test the shoes out before committing to an expensive pair, I chose mine from Ebay.
Normally they would tie round the ankles but I did some DIY and snipped the laces down so they looked neater.
My overall opinion is that I love them! I think they look smart and when paired with jeans they liven up the outfit. I am also really into pointed shoes at the moment.  I have only worn mine at work so I could be in agony if walking around all day but for now 10/10 on the design.
I think I will be investing in the gorgeous pair I have seen in Topshop next, watch this space.


The dreaded word that no one wants to hear but everyone wants to be ready for.

I hate going shopping for bikini's. Having to try them on in a small changing room fills me with dread but yet again today I found myself in Asda looking for cheap bikini's for my holiday in 2 1\2 weeks. 

Lo and behold I found some pretty nice, well priced bikini's that look lovely and fit perfectly and I am actually excited about wearing them and prancing around in Portugal drinking sangria.

These are Asda's own and I am pretty impressed! What do you think of bikini's? Do they put the fear of dread in you?

To kick off the first proper post I thought I would do an Instagram round up of the past couple of months. Since moving back home from London I have been madly busy which for me has been so nice.

I have been running up to three times a week ahead of my first ever girly holiday in June. Running for me has been pretty tough but I am working on my fitness and health level to get it too a reasonably good standard!

I took my little brother (who is now 11 and not so little ) to Twycross Zoo last week and we had such a great time. We had great weather, great monkeys and a not so great lunch and somehow Bertie managed to make me buy him a snake and a monkey from the gift shop.

As I am now working in Retail Agency, we have a huge annual conference every year called CR Market Place where all the big agencies and big retailers go and as I called it, speed dating with meetings. It was completely mad but it was in such a fabulous location across from The Shard in London and we had free Pimms and free Chipotle Burrito bowls!

Me and Dan went to Bills in Leicester, recently acquired by my company, and munched on a gorgeous brunch. I went for the healthy granola, yogurt and fruit option with a super green smoothie whilst Dan opted for a brioche bacon and egg sandwich which looks so good. I would definitely  recommend Bills and I am sure there is one in nearly every town now.

Over Easter we took our annual mad drunken family trip to Aberdovey and as usual it was lovely, Dan came with and it was nice to just chill out and drink and eat and be by the sea.