Celebrity Inspiration.

Celebrity children are always better dressed than you. 
 However they don't have to be better dressed than your child. Use influential celebrity children to gain idea's and inspiration, and what better well dressed celebrity child to channel than Harper Beckham.

Harper has a fashion following of her own, since London Fashion Week, where she sat front row, she has been named the most stylish baby and she isn't even three yet. According to the press, Harper is making her own fashion decisions and helping guide her fashion designer mummy through her wardrobe. 

Harper has been pictured recently in the cutest pair of Dr. Martens and since their last big social media campaign, every child should have a pair to last them. Luckily Base Fashion, a retailer of designer children's clothes, stock Dr. Martens, so the perfect place to pick some up for your little ones! 
You can channel Harper's style and choose some other beautiful pieces for your children, to allow your child to be comfortable but also the most stylish child at the school gate. This is just one of the trends she is wearing at the moment, so remember, if it doubt head to Base Fashion and channel Harper Beckham, your child will be forever stylish. 


OOTD #6 hips don't lie

 Top - Primark
Jeans - Asos
Shoes - Primark

Horrendous quality pictures so I apologise but here is what I am wearing today to revise in the sun.  These jeans make me look a bit hippy if you get what I mean but I love them because they are so comfy and a tiny bit high waisted.


Weekly Buy #3 Flower Power


After seeing many a blogger wearing printed trousers I naturally really wanted a pair. Luckily for me H&M had an offer on which made these only £7.49 which is a complete bargain. I couldn't get a full outfit post as I was in a rush this morning because I'm travelling back to Leicestershire for the week.
P.s I'm doing this post on my phone so it's not in the normal format!


Shoe Fetish #3

After scouring the web for some cut out boots for summer, I do believe I have found the ones for me, The ones from Topshop and River Island are all a bit too clumpy for me and these have the exact right amount of clump. They are about the same price though, retailing at £59.99 but I feel they will be worth it if I buy them.

Thank you New Look!

P.S I will do a post on the shoes I have managed to acquire these past few weeks very soon.


Camel OOTD #5

Coat - Topshop (Ebay)
Shirt - H&M
Leggings - American Apparel
Shoes - Topshop

I got this coat last week because all my coats are black and I was fed up of looking a bit drab. Its slightly oversized but I love it. 
And now I am off to go and bind my dissertation and hand it in! Finally I am free.


Wishlist #5

1 2 3 4 5
This wish list revolves around dresses, dresses that are all in the ASOS sale. So many dresses. They all have such lovely print which would look fab in the spring. 
Also how cute is that dolphin ring?


Sunday Funday

I can only apologise for not posting a lot in the past couple of weeks!! Dissertation stress and life stress got in the way. So today the sun is shining and I am moping around my flat doing bits and bobs to my dissertation and cooking myself risotto. I can only hope that tomorrow my motivation comes back!! I also refuse to take of my batman t shirt from my previous post! best buy ever. 
In other news I hope everyone had a good week and I bet we all hope this sunny weather will stay.