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Top 4 Gins

This top 4 Gins is in no particular order. Everyone who knows me knows I LOVE Gin and my nickname is now Ginny. I wanted to do a quick post on my favourite Gins although I love trying new ones and I am sure there are many craft Gins out there that I need to try! Hopefully this gives a good overview of the type of Gin I enjoy and hopefully you can enjoy too.

Warner Edwards ElderflowerGin

Inspired by Tom’s mother Adèle, this is a very special gin which only uses fresh, handpicked elderflower from their farm in Northampton. The elderflower is harvested just once a year, which captures the very essence of a British summer’s day, from field to bottle in just a few short hours.
A beautifully balanced gin that is smooth, sweet and delicately fragrant with summer elderflower A spice at the beginning turns into notes of vanilla, nutmeg, and cardamom, with just a hint of chocolate. Classic gin notes of juniper and coriander come though on the finish. A spirit with a fine balance between bright…

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