New Year Too Late

After promising to myself that I would push myself to blog more, create content and give Youtube a go, I now sit here and look at my blog and see that my last post was last year.

How terrible of me! I can’t really explain what happened but that is no excuse. I will try and be better and blog more at least to start with. I think I will leave Youtube for now and I can’t see my place in the vast depths of Youtube yet. I don’t think I am charismatic enough.

Anyway, enough of that. I would like to welcome you to the new year, slightly late… I have upped my fitness regime and running regime and I would like to share that with you going forward. More so to keep myself motivated going forward, I try and do some form of exercise everyday apart from Friday’s. Which is eat as much as I can day. I do feel better for it but as I have discussed on this blog before, my self-confidence is still at a all-time low.

So to round this off, look out for fitness posts, more beauty posts and a potential post about my amazing hair cut!

See you soon.


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