Less than 48 Hours in Dublin

It's nice to have traditions. It's even nicer to have traditions at work that are fun and enjoyable so you don't end up resenting work and everyone there. We go away as a work team every year to somewhere new and exciting to bond, drink, eat and generally get merry.
This year we headed to Dublin which was wonderful. It's so easy to get there, we jumped on the plane around 11:30 and landed at 12:40 and ended up at our hotel by 1:15 just in time for lunch and a drink.
Guinness for everyone except me, always gin with me.

Dublin itself is so beautiful, so traditional and is steeped in History. I will definitely revisit as I want to go to the museums, the ghost walks, visit The Titanic exhibition and shop!

We drank ourselves silly on the first night, cocktails, food, gin and wine until 3:30am in this amazing bar. I wish I could remember the name because it was great!
Day 2 had a very slow start but after a large breakfast we were off again to visit the Guinness Factory. I don't like any beer, lager, ale or a mix of all three so I was apprehensive but let me tell you, it was so interesting and very well done. The whole building was full of interesting information, pictures, media and waterfalls!

We had a ticket which included a free pint of Guinness which I did try, but it did not go down well on a hungover stomach. We had the pint at the top of the factory in the Infinity bar which is a 360 view of Dublin which was stunning.
I then felt very ropey and even more so when we trekked around the streets trying to find somewhere to eat. As work is full of blokes, we ended up in a horrible pub for a cheese toastie and I felt               A W F U L.
The girls then left the group and we went to look at Saint Patrick's Cathedral where I felt really zen and calm and much much better. Of course a wispa bar helped me along too.

Our trip was ending and we travelled back to the airport for a quick flight home and more chocolate!
It's so nice to spend time with the work lot outside of the office and it does help the office environment in the long run.

On the whole Dublin was fantastic and so beautiful. 10 / 10.


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