Life Goals - Ravello Italy

I am very lucky, my wonderful grandparents have just both turned 70 and to celebrate they treated the family to a wonderful holiday in Ravello, Italy.

It was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been, honestly it was stunning. We had an amazing week and the whole time it was literal #lifegoals

We stayed in the Belmond Caruso who couldn't do enough for us. The rooms was spacious and so Italian and not fancy, just lovely. The hotel had a garden with an infinity pool which was lightly heated so you could float around, look out at the mountains and drink cocktails. Perfect!

On one of the days we planned to go to the Island of Capri. It takes an hour on a boat to get there which was exciting anyway, the scenery along the Amalfi Coast is stunning. 
Capri is a lot larger than you think and really really lovely! There were a lot of upmarket shops and restaurants and it was very busy, as you may expect. 
One of the best things was the Capri one person chair lift up the mountain which was so surreal! At the top, as our family love drinking, we all had a shot of Limoncello to help us back down again. 

Pompei & Herculaneum
We also spent the day with a personal tour guide exploring Pompei and Herculaneum. Now everyone knows Pompei but honestly it's so interesting and you do really need a guide to actually understand what it around you. 
Herculaneum is around 20 minutes away and is a lot smaller and quieter but it has almost whole houses and shops still standing. It's quite spooky as there is are skeletons still in the place they died whilst trying to escape the Volcano! 

Overall the holiday was so lovely and I wish i was back there again!


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