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verb: stammer; 3rd person present: stammers; past tense: stammered; past participle: stammered; gerund or present participle: stammering

1.    1.

speak with sudden involuntary pauses and a tendency to repeat the initial letters of words.

"he turned red and started stammering"

stutter, speak haltingly, stumble over one's words, hesitate, falter, fumble for words, pause, halt, mumble, splutter
"he always began to stammer when he was under pressure

I have a stammer. It pretty much rules my life and I am constantly aware of it, it debilitates me and causes me anxiety, stress and slight depression sometimes. It’s a nightmare but I can positively say it’s getting better, slowly but surely.

The basics of having a stammer is that I can’t speak fluently. It’s worse when I am tired, stressed or speaking on the phone. I can’t explain or tell when it will rear its ugly head. I can go days without stammering then suddenly I can’t say my own name.

I can say I would be a different person without a stammer, I think I would be outgoing, loud, annoying and happy, because of my stammer I am shy, quiet, nervous and sad.

However, in the past 2 years it has greatly improved, I completed my Masters Degree and I have been working in a very social career over these 2 years which has forced me to get on with it. Social drinks, lunches and dinners still cause me massive anxiety and I never want to go but I do and because of this, my stammer is okay. I can deal with it. It hides 90% of the time now and I am grateful.

Some people don’t even know I have a stammer, I never stammer with my boyfriend but do with my parents. It’s weird and unpredictable.

So many people have a stammer, an abundance of celebrities do including Emily Blunt, Marilyn Munroe, Rowan Atkinson, Bruce Willis and Samuel L Jackson which is crazy as they are all actors and actresses.

If you have a stammer then please don’t worry, it will get better! Leave me a comment if you have one so we don’t all feel alone.


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