Lets Chat - Body Image

This is a topic that is discussed everywhere, in the media, on the news, online 24/7. It’s such a big issue for many young women around the world especially in 2016.  The pressure is on to look a certain way, to be acceptable in the “media’s” eyes.

I suffer from poor body image. I have a warped view of myself, not to say I look okay normally but I see myself as a troll/pig most days. I find it especially hard to get dressed in the morning and to find an outfit I can feel comfortable in. This often ends with me being close to tears. I know this sounds ridiculous but how I look and feel about myself is such a big part of my life, it may sound self-involved but its real. I know I am not fat, I can wear size 8 jeans (if they stretch) but on the down days, I feel about 1000 stone and ugly.

I am slowly pulling myself out of this weird warped view and if my skin is clear, I now won’t hesitate to go out with no makeup on and a hoodie to the supermarket or to my fitness class and it won’t bother me at all. However, some days, like yesterday I will have to pile on the makeup, wear shaping tights and my go to dress to feel like I can actually leave the house and go to work.

I can identify this feeling of total hatred of you and your appearance as a family trait. My mum and grandma both suffer and obsess about food, looks and how other people perceive them, these thoughts and perceptions have been passed on to me and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

I wish I could end this with a quick fix way of ignoring body image and feeling happy in your own skin but I can’t. I would say that exercising, I do Metafit and run 5+ times a week when I can, does help but I can say it does become a vicious circle of I have to run today otherwise I can’t eat normally which is very unhealthy.

Body Image plagues not just women, eating disorders in men are slowly becoming known in the news and media and it does help to talk about how you feel and what’s wrong, no matter how silly it may seem.


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