Lets Chat – Running

So you may have seen my last blog post which was a slightly rambling talk on body image.

I mentioned that I have started to run which has 100% helped my mental health and how I view myself.

You may think, oh god running? Outside? In front of people? It may put the fear into some people but think about it, it’s free!!! You can go every day, technically any time for free! I know you need to buy kit and trainers and a running belt but once that’s out of the way you are good to go.

I first started around 2 years ago inspired by my wonderful mother who is a running extraordinaire.  She has done 10 half marathons and 2+ marathons and she is 44. Amazing! I started because of her and then I completely lost focus and inspiration and found every time I ran I felt worse and worse so I stopped.

Then, again inspired by mum, I started Metafit around 6 months ago. Metafit is a high intensity interval training workout which is from 19 – 26 minutes depending on the routine you do. I do it in a studio where I live with a lovely trainer and a group of wonderful ladies and I L O V E it. Combining this workout 3+ times a week with then wanting to do more (on a budget) I thought hang on, let’s try running again. I can honestly say because my fitness is up and better than before, running didn’t seem so scary. I want to share with you some thoughts and tips I have had to help someone start this scary journey of running and fitness!


Just D O I T.  

The more you think and um and ah about going out and running, the less likely you are to actually do it. Just grab your trainers and start to run


Use an app.

Couch to 5K is an excellent way of starting, it’s not something I have used but many people praise it. I use Map My Run, which is simple and I go by my own body. If I want to slow down walk, I will!


Raise your fitness separately to running.

As mentioned above, do something alongside running, like an exercise class or 30 minutes in the gym. This helps the cardio aspect and helps you run for longer and improve your pace.



Whilst some people love listening to music, I would rather listen to an engaging podcast to get me through a run. Favourites include My Dad Wrote a Porno, Running Commentary, Serial, Get It On and The Chris Moyles Podcast.


Have a goal.

As my mum is so amazing at running and fitness, when she signed up to do this Tunnel Run in November a while ago, I thought that it could be a good first foray into running in a race environment.

The tunnel run is a 5 mile run in the dark through a tunnel, you get a head torch and glow sticks to help you on your way. My goal has then been to be able to run 5 miles easily so when it came to do the event, I wasn’t scared out my brain!

I can now run 6 miles without dying, and the event is next week!


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