The Return

I am sitting here on a Thursday afternoon debating whether to start blogging again. The last time I posted on my old blog was over a year ago and that was only to get a job. I dreamt last night about blogging and so here we are.

A fresh start for 2015.

I want to focus on healthy living, life of a retail surveyor, my love of makeup and fashion and traveling. So let's bring you up to speed, I spent a year working in fashion pr and social media down in London for a designer kids fashion company. It was okay, not what I was expecting and not engaging enough for my little brain.

Fast forward to 2015 and I am working for my dear step father in his retail property consultancy business and doing my real estate masters at Sheffield Uni. Big change, huh. I also live in my own house which is very grown up of me, I even had a real Christmas tree this year which was a huge step. I feel like I could incorpertate all aspects of my life into this blog and see where that goes.

Lets see shall we!

Signing off for now, Naomi


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