Flashback - Skiing


Flashback to a post I meant to post a while ago, clearly and have finally gotten round to posting it! The start of regular posting, I promise.

I hate New Year so I was so happy to be asked to go away this New Year with friends and family. We travelled to Morzine in the French Alps and I had the best week.

We stayed in the Hotel Tremplin which was right on the bottom of the slopes and had THE most yummy mojitos, in fact I wish I was drinking one right now. The hotel was cosy but basic and on the second to last night, the staff bathroom started to leak into our bathroom which was lovely...brown water everywhere.

On New Years Day we followed a guide and skied all the way to Switzerland which was gorgeous., we had lunch right at the top of the mountain and had the cheesiest ham and cheese toasted sandwich in the world. We stayed for 5 days which is long enough for a skiing holiday, especially when you are in a group of 10. Socialising gets pretty tiring after a while and eating and drinking more than normal every day, whilst a plus, can get too much. 
This was the first time I had been skiing in over 5 years since my ski season and it was the best way to spend New Years! 


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