Celebrity Inspiration.

Celebrity children are always better dressed than you. 
 However they don't have to be better dressed than your child. Use influential celebrity children to gain idea's and inspiration, and what better well dressed celebrity child to channel than Harper Beckham.

Harper has a fashion following of her own, since London Fashion Week, where she sat front row, she has been named the most stylish baby and she isn't even three yet. According to the press, Harper is making her own fashion decisions and helping guide her fashion designer mummy through her wardrobe. 

Harper has been pictured recently in the cutest pair of Dr. Martens and since their last big social media campaign, every child should have a pair to last them. Luckily Base Fashion, a retailer of designer children's clothes, stock Dr. Martens, so the perfect place to pick some up for your little ones! 
You can channel Harper's style and choose some other beautiful pieces for your children, to allow your child to be comfortable but also the most stylish child at the school gate. This is just one of the trends she is wearing at the moment, so remember, if it doubt head to Base Fashion and channel Harper Beckham, your child will be forever stylish. 


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