Wish List #1

As I don't have a job at the moment my spending is very limited and only comes from my student loan, I endlessly make myself wishlists of all the things I would buy though so I thought I would share one with you.
Fingers crossed I will get a job in the near future!

1. I'm dying for a over sized denim jacket and this one from Topshop looks perfect!
2. I love all the Asos smock style dresses and I think they would look really flattering on, and this would be perfect for spring and summer
3. After seeing a couple of bloggers wearing gold necklaces it had definitely made me want to purchase one, as this is only £15.00 i may have to buy it!
4. I have endless pairs of trousers and jeans but i always have room for another pair of black ones and River Island always do lovely trousers!
5. I wear my vans to death and I just cant afford to splash out for another pair so these dupes from River Island would be a good alternative.
6. I can't tell if I love these or hate them but there is just something about them drawing me in.


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