Weekly Round Up #1

L-R Practicing OOTDs, Dans amazing kitten!, Trying out dungarees, New lace jacket, Posing to go home on the bus, Lunch out with the fam at The Boots Eatery in Leic, Stripey shirt and leggings combo, The stupid stupid snow. 

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This is a mixture of what I have been doing this past two weeks, I didn't take that many Instagram photos because I have had quite a boring week!!! 
Hope every one has a fun weekend in the snow, I'm at my dads this weekend so I'm not looking particularly fashionable at the moment and because I'm trying to grow my fringe out my hair looks appalling.
I may change this set up in the future but I'll try and do this feature every Saturday.


  1. That kitten is the cutest little thing ever awww!! Lovely blog following you now :)

    http://cosmeticsmile-x.blogspot.com xxx


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